Current Research

Here at Enzcycle, we are dedicated to research on antimicrobial compounds derived from bioproducts, and the production of such compounds.  As of now,  our research activities include

  • Efficacy of bioproduct-based antimicrobial agents against indoors microorganisms
  • Study of cleaning activity of bio-products against common pathogenic bacteria and mold in hospital and in processing industries.
  • Sporicidal efficacy testing of biological indicators
  • Study of antimicrobial products on the treatment of building materials against common fungi.
  • Comparative study of antimicrobial compounds for minimal inhibitory concentration(MIC) and  minimal lethal concentration(MLC) against microorganisms.
  • Study of killing time against challenge microorganisms.
  • Screening on antimicrobial agents in combination to determine the synergistic and antagonistic properties.
    Study of antimicrobial efficacy of products against pathogenic plant fungi in its  natural playground.
  • Determining  the efficacy of sanitizing agents on various inanimate surfaces.
  • Rapid identification methods of Histoplasma capsulatum from environmental sample